BeneFLEX HR Resources Inc. is a leading provider of licensed third-party administration (TPA) of specific employee benefits. BeneFLEX was founded in 1994 by James Schmersahl of Schmersahl Treloar & Co., a regional top 25 CPA firm. We have been recognized by AAIM Management and Associates as a top provider in COBRA Administration Firms.  We specialize in providing our client’s with personalized services to enhance their employee benefits packages and take advantage of tax benefits that may be available.  We have access to a team of 40+ accountants as an available resource to our members, which uniquely positions us to be a high quality partner as we work on our clients tax advantaged benefits.  At BeneFLEX, we take pride in providing our clients with personalized services tailored to meet their individualized needs.

Education & Certification

At BeneFLEX, we are dedicated to providing all of our clients with quality customer care and service that is in compliance and aligned with their specific needs.  We recognize and value the importance of continued employee education, certification, and training so our employees can continue to be experts on industry rules and regulations.

We are members of the Employers Council on Flexible Compensation (ECFC), an organization dedicated to advocacy, education, compliance, and innovation of tax advantaged programs. ECFC has developed four educational certification programs that allow BeneFLEX employees to continue to distinguish themselves as leaders in the industry.

At BeneFLEX, we value the importance of professional education, ongoing training, and certification so we can keep our skills and knowledge honed to the sharpest edge and continue to be a leading provider of licensed third-party administration of specific employee benefits.


  • Mark Schmersahl— Flexible Compensation Specialist
  • Brenda Cox—Certified in Flexible Compensation
  • Judy Coleman—Certified in Flexible Compensation
  • Beverley Brynda – Certified in Flexible Compensation
  • Mary Ellen Acquisto—Certified COBRA Administration Specialist
  • Lynette Steidley-Toohey– Flexible Compensation Specialist
  • Ashley Felix– Flexible Compensation Specialist
  • Trisha Reifsteck– Flexible Compensation Specialist
  • Jennifer Shaw – Flexible Compensation Specialist
  • Vicki Singer – Flexible Compensation Specialist